Bald-Headed and Unbothered

Hey FABs!

Whew, chile! Ya girl has been living her best life this summer!

Which sort of explains why I've been in and out of this blog. Living life is exhausting chile! If I do something one weekend, I need the next weekend to crawl back into my bubble and re-charge my social battery. Old lady extroverted, introvert problems I guess. This summer has been so different from my last summer and I'm so grateful for that. Last summer, I did absolutely nothing but stayed in my feelings. I promised that my next summer would be different. And well, I've kept my promise, plus more. 

To start things off, I chopped all of my hair off! I just had a strong urge to just chop it all off and well...I did. At the time I didn't understand it but now I know it was symbolic of a re-birth. A birth of new positive energy that has shifted into my life and left me bald-headed and un-bothered.

It's something about chopping all of your hair off and not giving a damn about what other people think about you that gives you a new sense of self. It's liberating. Forcing myself to solely look at myself in the mirror, with no distractions has brought me closer to who I really am, what I really love about myself and what flaws I need to work on. I'm not saying that it's what everyone needs to do to come to a new revelation about themselves but it's what I needed. 

The first time that I did my big chop, I was scared out of my mind. I cared way too much about what people thought about me. Quite frankly, I couldn't see my true beauty without my hair. It took time for my new found outer self to grow on me. But BayBay! This time around, I could care less. Here I am, get with it or get lost!

Caring about what other people think can be exhausting! As I get older in age, I'm cutting anything unnecessarily exhausting in my life because I'm already exhausted enough lol. So yea... judgmental, aggravating energy has to go. Throw the whole vibe away. I'm not saying that you need to change your look like I did but I do challenge you to focus on your mental sanity. Worry less about what other people think and worry more about what makes you happy! 

Until next time...Later FABs!