"Reclaiming My Time" Auntie Maxine Waters Taught Me!

First of all, let's get this straight-  Maxine. Waters. Is. About. That. Life. Okay!

During a House Financial Services Committee hearing last Thursday, Democratic Representative "Auntie" Maxine Waters did not come to play with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. She made it known that her valuable time would not be wasted as she repeatedly took her time back that he was wasting as he began dipping and dodging a question that she asked him. If you haven't seen the clip, take a look below:

When I first watched this clip, I knew that I had to write a post! This woman just dropped a major key that we all can apply to our lives. How many times has a person, activity or situation wasted your time? If I had a dollar for how many times my time was wasted, I'd be living like baby Asahd (DJ Khaled's son) right now!

If I would've just had the notion to say that I'm "reclaiming my time," I could've cut off a lot of unnecessary situations. It's such a simple way of saying that you respect yourself and your time. Like Maxine Waters said "When you're on my time, I can reclaim it." If you think about it, time is one of the most valuable and priceless things that we have in this life. Unlike money, once we spend it, we cannot get it back. Giving someone or something our time shouldn't be taken lightly. We must be selective in how we choose to spend it.

Here's 3 situations in life where we can RECLAIM OUR TIME!

Dating and Relationships:

Let's be real, love and relationships don't always last forever. There are times when we must walk away from that person for the better good of ourselves. When a relationship ends, we have to reclaim our time. Don't be sorry!  Reclaim your time back by re-focusing your time and energy on setting goals and executing them- grow them edges back, clear up that skin, take that trip, secure that bag $$, do it all FABs!

Your Dreams

I say it all the time, "Don't Quit Your Daydream." While we must pay our bills, which may mean working somewhere that isn't exactly what we want to do; at some point, we must reclaim our time by spending time working towards that dream. Often times, we slip into a routine that makes it hard for us to think that we don't have time or the resources to do what really makes us happy. Set a goal, think of a plan, find out what you need to do to get there and do it! I'm not afraid to say it, friends and sometimes family may get in the way of you reaching those goals too. Let them know that you're reclaiming your time and boss up! 


Sometimes we have conversations with people and you already know that it's going nowhere. You know those conversations when you know someone is lying, dodging questions and trying to butter you up. Take notes from Auntie Maxine and reclaim your time honey! They are on your time and must respect it. Conclude the conversation or redirect them to the real subject at hand. Waste no time! 

I don't know about y'all but I learned one valuable lesson from Auntie Maxine. My time will not be wasted. I'm...


Exhibit A:

maxine waters reclaiming my time meme


Lol...Later FABs!