Mented Cosmetics Nude Lippies Makeup Review

Hey Fabs! It’s your girl Mona Nisa and I’m back with another fabulous product review. One day while doing my normal scroll through the Book (Facebook that is) and I come across an article form Essence magazine about Mented Cosmetics. Mented Cosmetics is the Black-Owned brand created by 2 African-American Harvard Business School Graduates. After graduating from Harvard business School, KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson created a line of nude lipsticks made specifically for women of color. 


There’s a plethora of nude lipsticks out there in the market and trust me, I have tried many of them. It can be hard to find that perfect nude, even for someone like myself who’s on the lighter end of the women of color spectrum. Many of the nudes out there tend to be too pink or too beige and it just doesn’t look nice up against our skin tones. The other brands tend leave our lips looking dry, chalky or clown like. Well, the ladies of Mented Cosmetics have created a line of lipsticks that work for us. After reading the article, I immediately went to the website and ordered a few ($16.50 ea.,  

 Mented Cosmetics Lipstick

I like the packaging and the names of the colors. It’s simple and plain and the color names are easy to remember. Names like “Dope Taupe” and “Brand Nude” just to name a few.

The line currently has 9 lipstick shades in the collection. The lipstick is a more of a cream with a satin finish. It’s a traditional lipstick with colors that look great against our skin. With that said, you may have to re-apply as the day goes on but I have found that I only had to reapply once or twice throughout the day. Although, they are not the liquid lipsticks or have the all-day staying power as many of the other matte lipsticks on the market, the Mented Cosmetics lipsticks do have staying power to last through coffee/tea and a meal or two.



I liked the lipsticks so much that I ordered the Glosses for Grown-ups Lip Gloss Collection ($50,



These glosses are buttery and not sticky. They are good to wear alone, with your favorite lip liner, or on top of your favorite Mented Cosmetics lip color (or any lip color for that matter). Below are the glosses on their own.


I give this brand and the products I’ve tried a thumbs up. The lipsticks are creamy and buttery as well as the Glosses for Grown-ups. They are great for and everyday casual look or a night out on the town. I like these lippies a lot.

Until next time, Fabs…Keep Glowing!