Balancing Blues

From personal experience life can get crazy when you're juggling a million and one things at once! Feels like your head is spinning. When you have an opportunity, it helps to just take a moment to yourself to breathe in and breathe out! Yesss! I'm getting my moment right now and I am grateful. I'm even more so grateful for my parents keeping Noah every weekend. They are the real MVP's!  As I begin to reflect on my previous week, I thought about how many other women experience the need to step away from it all and work on ways to balance their lives.

Finding a balance between work and a personal life is healthy and beneficial for many reasons. Firstly, you can get burnt out and even get sick! Nothing is worth jeopardizing your health girl! Take some time to yourself. Its okay to be selfish with YOUR time. Have you ever noticed that you've become quite moody? Just snapping on people or wanting to left alone for no apparent reason. Happens to me often! Lol. It could have been because you were weighed down by the stress of your work and personal life being off balanced. So to make life better for you and everyone else around you, here are a few personal tips that I would like to lend to help you have balance in your life:

Turn Off Your Work Brain!

I know its sooo hard to do but sometimes you need to leave work at work and take some time to step away and breathe! Its wonderful that you love your job (or may not) and want to be the best employee there is but it's important to find that balance so that you don't get burnt out. Being able to take a moment away from thinking about work  can lead to better results once you return. Having a fresh mind can often trigger new ideas, strengthen your attention to detail and create a better personal attitude in the workplace. So that's right ladies- turn off your phone, step away from the emails, schedule some sporadic personal days and just enjoy the fruits of your labor! You deserve that moment to unwind!

Add some Glam! Look Good, Feel Good!

This wouldn't be my blog post unless I posted something regarding beauty and glam. I'm a firm believer in the "Look Good, Feel Good" philosophy. Take some time to get yourself physically balanced. Whether that's going to the gym, getting your face beat at the MAC counter, trying a new hair do or getting a mani/pedi- its important to do something for yourself! Every time that I do something for myself, I feel so much better. There's been times when I felt like something was just not right in my life. I had become so focused on being a mom or working hard that I let myself go! LOL. We CANNOT have that. Take some time to get yourself right! Again, you deserve it!


Yes, I said it. Laugh! Did you know that laughter is strong medicine for the mind and body? Imagine how good you feel after you've had a good laugh. You feel so happy, stress-free and energized! Humor and laughter strengthens your immune system, boost your energy and protects yourself from damaging effects of stress. So link up with your good friends for a fun happy hour or dinner, do some fun family activities or even go to a comedy show. For New Years, my boyfriend and I went to a comedy show. I had the best time! I felt so refreshed and re-charged! (could have also been the cocktails though LOL). But seriously, adding some laughter in your life can definitely make a difference.

Work Smart, Not Hard.

-Rethink your errands. Sometimes we make things harder on ourselves. Wifi and advancing technology is a wonderful thing. Take advantage of it. Instead of physically going to each store to pay your bills, think about online banking or billing. Its effiencient way to make payments and cuts down on the time you may spend running errands. This also can apply to online shopping. Instead of spending hours in stores trying to find that perfect spring/summer wardrobe or looking for a gift for someone else, look online. They not only have a greater selection but often provide reviews from recent customers which I love to read. It helps my indecisiveness aka staring at one item for 30 or more minutes! Online stores have great deals and I personally love the feeling of getting a package delivered. Its like getting a gift from myself! Lol.

These are just a few tips to help you find some sort of balance to your work and personal life. I know that it can be hard, especially when you're knee deep in project deadlines, kids crying, stomachs growling and phones ringing but find that time to do things that you enjoy. It's important and healthy to do so. Just like I'm going to challenge myself, I challenge you to find that time to enjoy life. 

More Life!