Best and Worst Colors To Wear To A Job Interview

Whether you realize it or not, your outfit says a lot about you before you even get seated to begin your interview. To take it a step even further, your color of choice to wear also speaks volumes. That's why it's important to pick the right color that will convey the most accurate message that you want to get across to your prospective employer. Depending on what industry you're trying to work in, the color that you choose to wear could or could not work to your advantage. Find out the best and worst colors to wear in an interview:


 Gabrielle Union in Red

Red suggests power and passion. This color will say that you are ambitious and intelligent. You should definitely wear this color if you are interviewing for a "go-getter" position. 


 Solange in Pink Suit

Pink suggests that you'll full of fluff and playfulness. It's not best to wear this color to an interview as it suggests lack of drive and submissiveness. Save the pink for after you land the job!


 Beyonce in Yellow

Yellow suggests that you have a fun-loving personality and good sense of humor. This message would be ideal for someone who is seeking to be a team player and/or entertainer. However, it could also hint that you can be a bit of a clown so be sure to only wear a pop of yellow such as a cardigan or scarf. 


 Yvonne Orji in Navy Blue

Blue suggests intellect. This color says that you're dependable, efficient and a person of integrity. It's best to wear this color if you're seeking to work at a law or accounting firm. However, it may not be best to wear this color if you're a designer or visual artist as it lacks creativity. 



Purple has a strong connection to spiritual connotations. It often suggests that you'd like to work alone with your own vibes and meditate. This color could work for you if you're seeking to be a Yoga teacher or another sort of Zen position. However, it may not work for you if you're seeking a customer service related position. 


 Oprah in Green

Green stands for balance as it is in the middle of the color spectrum. This color suggests that you are fair, work well under pressure and able to stay level-headed in high stress situations. This color is suitable for someone who is seeking a position in law-enforcement and public service.



Grey suggests lack of personality and self confidence. Just like when we refer to a situation as being grey, we are often saying that it's unsure or has lack of certainty. It may be best to stay away from this color if the position you are seeking will require you to make definitive decisions.



Orange suggests creativity, passion and sensuality. This color says that you would be a great entertainer, artist or writer. However, you may want to stay away from this color if you are seeking a more moderate position such as a librarian. 



Black can be a bit tricky. While it can suggest unapproachability, it can also convey sophistication and leadership. Black can often lack personality and individuality so be sure to pair your black with a pop of color or pattern with your blouse, bag or shoes that speaks to your personality. Find inspiration in Chanel and Yves Saint Lauren black sophisticated styles to speak the message of leadership. Black may not be the best color to wear when seeking a position that requires creativity. 



White signifies purity and cleanliness but it often lacks hides the true self and washes away individuality. Wearing white to an interview may be a good look for doctors and nurses but for anyone else, it could leave a blank or bland impression. Don't be afraid to add some color to your all white look!

Hopefully this color guide will provide some tips on what you should or shouldn't wear in your next interview! Next time you get ready for an interview, just think to yourself "what message do I want my clothes to say to the employer?" and then pick the right color! 

Happy Interviewing and Good Luck On Your Job Search!