I Learned What Happens When You Don't Stay In Your Own Lane

Hey FABs!

It's been a hot minute since I wrote a post y'all. It wasn't by choice but basically by force. My mind and body told me that I needed to slow down so much so that my brain shut off my ability to create great content. I had a two week writer's block. Ugh! I couldn't figure out why I just couldn't seem to write a post or send out a social media post to save my life but then I realized that I just felt defeated and inadequate as a blogger. I hadn't felt this way at all since starting my blog over the summer but I had this overwhelming feeling of doubt. I then realized that it was because I hadn't stayed in my own lane and decided to roll into someone else's , then crashed!

Let me explain...

As I begin this journey of blogging, I understand the power of networking and getting to know other people who share the same interests and goals me. It can open many doors as well as give me the opportunity to learn from other bloggers. So since starting my blog, I've joined a few blogger groups, one being local. After having a great experience of attending a blogger meetup, I was invited to come out to a photo shoot session where some bloggers get together to take pictures of each other. It sounded like a great idea as I needed more pictures of myself so I jumped at the offer and happily accepted the invitation. I got my natural hair blown out, bought an outfit and was what I thought "ready," only to realize that I didn't have what a "real blogger" needed (planned out creative direction/theme, professional camera, memory card, change of wardrobe, etc). I came to the photo shoot excited but left feeling inadequate and defeated. I didn't have my s#*t together like they did and I felt exposed. The other bloggers were sweethearts and were kind enough to take pictures of me with their camera and memory card but I was embarrassed! I felt like a fraud! Before then, I thought I was a "real blogger" but I somehow ended up feeling knocked down and lets not even mention how the pictures turned out. Girlllllll a hot mess!

So since taking these couple weeks off and talking to a couple of people from my support system, I've come to the realization that I swerved into someone else's lane too quickly and crashed. By saying that I crashed, I mean that I doubted myself and felt less than because I compared myself to other people. Who knows how long it took for them to get their s*#t together! I must know that in any journey or business venture, I must start from somewhere and build upon that. I'm not going to always have everything that I "need" but I must work with what I have. I can't feel embarrassed or inadequate about that. Of course, I will continue to network but I can't compare myself to other people. I must learn lessons, apply them to my journey and keep going. 

Take a word of advice from me FABs and stay in your own lane, that way you won't run into any traffic like I did!  Stay tuned for new posts.

Later FABs!