About Alecia

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As I visit other blogs/vlogs and YouTube channels in my spare time, I realize the reason why I have such a connection to these beauties is because they are true to who they are and that makes them unique. I want to be just as open with you. My name is Alecia. I am 31 years old, a single mommy of a 6 year old boy named Noah, a full-time Human Resources professional, part-time graduate school student and I am taking my first step to pursue a vision that has been put in my heart by God. I am from Norfolk, Virginia and graduated from Virginia State University with a Psychology Degree. I am currently attending Southern New Hampshire University (online) and concentrating on Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I have never lived outside of Virginia but plan to one day. Oh and I love Beyonce! She too has inspired me. She celebrates the good, bad and ugly of being a woman and I love that. 

Have you ever had a dream about who you really want to be but just don't even know the first step to getting there? Well...that was and still is me. My ultimate goal is to start a non-profit organization to provide young African American girls in the community with assistance to reaching their goals, looking the part and giving them the tools to finish school, finding employment and balancing their life of being a mother as well. Being a single mother myself, I know how hard it is to have dreams and goals but also having to feed a child. It's so hard. Your dreams may eventually provide you with the ability to live comfortably but right now its putting a paycheck of $0.00 in your bank account. I want to be that source of motivation and inspiration to women because I just don't feel like we don't get enough of that. So that is my bigger picture. "But how do I even get this started?" I think to myself often. My first step to working towards this dream is to start my blog, get some ideas and connections to get this train moving! I started a blog in 2015 but quite frankly just gave up. I looked back on my year and realized that I didn't do anything to pursue my passion. I became disappointed in myself. Sure, I may have given a couple hair tips and words of advice to women who may have passed me on the street but what if I could have given more? I have made a commitment to myself to change that. If there is one young girl or woman that I have inspired this year, then I will be happy with that.